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WTKO Ireland Rules:


All individual members of the dojo must hold WTKO Ireland membership.

Renewing members have 3 months from expiry date to renew the license. If they fail to do this, their membership number may be reused. For any queries on this, email or phone +353 87 1486077.


New Members of the WTKO Ireland will receive probationary membership for one year. During this time new members grading beyond Nidan must consult with senior members of the WTKO.


Grading Examinations

All exams must follow the WTKO Ireland grading syllabus.
Only WTKO Ireland Examiners may conduct kyu exams.

All candidates must have permission from their Sensei to grade.

All candidates must be a full WTKO 1st Kyu in order to grade for Shodan.

All grades must be registered.

All students must wait the minimum waiting time between dan examinations.

Minimum Waiting Time Between Dan Examinations

Shodan (1st Dan): 6 months since 1st Kyu.

Nidan (2nd Dan): 2 years since Shodan.

Sandan (3rd Dan): 3 years since Nidan.

Yondan (4th Dan): 4 years since Sandan.

Godan (5th Dan): 5 years since Yondan.

Rokudan (6th Dan): 6 years since Godan and minimum of 40 years of age.

Nanadan (7th Dan): 7 years since Rokudan or special circumstances.

Hachidan (8th Dan): WTKO Executive Committee recommendation and special Project.

Kyudan (9th Dan): WTKO Executive Committee Authorization.

Judan (10th Dan): WTKO Executive Committee Authorization.


We are aware that some clubs are heavily involved with the squad and others are not. We do not insist on each and every club taking an equal role in fundraising, however, we ask that each club do at least one event per year to help raise money for the national team. If a club has many members of their dojo in the national team, we ask them to find a level of fundraising that fairly represents the gains their members receive.


In the extreme case, the national director reserves the right to withhold funds from members whose dojo make no effort to support the squad.

Dojo Courses

A dojo is free to organise a course with any instructor in or outside the WTKO. However, all seminars with instructors from the WTKO Executive Committee will be run by the WTKO Ireland. All profits from these courses will be kept by the WTKO Ireland to help fund the organisation.

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